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This is a windows script I made to Backup my files on external storage.

This is no way for amateurs. this script is only for people who have knowledge about scripting. I'm not responsible for any damage.

Its heart is rsync robocopy and needs other dependencies to work.

The Idea is to backup files regularly by saving space on target drive.
This is done by syncing only the changed files compared to the latest made backup and by hardlinking all identical files.

Script Structure:

1. Copy the last made backup to todays directory

2. sync source data defined by given list to todays directory

3. Go over again and hardlink duplicates


1. robocopy.exe (at least V. XP026) - available at TGUP repo

2. ln.exe [making hardlinks]

3. DupeMerge.exe [hardlink duplicates]

4. the main backup script (backup[version].cmd)

How to use:

1. make a folder called "bin" in the root of your external backup drive and copy the dependencies listed above into it.

2. create into that folder a text with the name of your computer (%computername%.txt) and insert in each line the source path you wish to backup. Note: NO backslash\ at the end.
eg. D:\Software

3. create a file on the root of your external drive with any name you wish, eg. backup.cmd with the following content (you can change default backup paths which follow the ECHO command):

rem start copy here

if not exist "%CD%bin\%computername%.txt" (
SET x="%CD%bin\%computername%.txt"
>>%x% ECHO P:
>>%x% ECHO T:
>>%x% ECHO V:
>>%x% ECHO X:
%CD%bin\backup32.cmd %CD%bin\%computername%.txt

rem end copy here

This should start the main backup script for you

4. each time you double click your backup.cmd on a different pc, it will pick the right backup list according to your computer name as defined in step 2.

Thanks and good luck


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Backup dependencies


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These are the dependencies needed to run the backup script.Either copy the files to your system32 directory or point to their location in the PATH ...
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04 Aug 2009
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The main backup.cmd script for with robocopy instead of rsync
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20 Jan 2010
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